Dating a whiting and davis purse

Whiting and Davis Mesh Bag

Besides the two s bags I have a belt, probably s, a s wallet and change purse and a s neck piece. We have a lot of vintage mesh handbags and purses in Australia, which were produced by Glomesh and Oroton during the 60ss. I have seen a few Whiting and Davis bags mostly in antique places. Another wonderful informative piece. Can I just say thank you for what you do? Thanks so much from another collector! What great pieces and accompanying history!


I looked on etsy, and was a bit shocked at the asking prices. Looks like I got a bigger bargain than I thought, and so did Caryn who posted above.

Vintage Australia Glomesh Reselling Tutorial for eBay Handbags, Purse & Clutch

If you go on ebay, the prices go even higher! And your bag has the lining intact — these almost nevernevernever seem to feature a lining, and the mesh is more often than not separating from the frame at the hinges. Your bag is a beauty! For information on dating vintage mesh bags go to http: More in-depth articles on this subject are planned for future publication. The geometric design on your bag is stunning. I toured the Whiting and Davis factory in the early 90s. The way the mesh is knitted is fascinating.

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Ed Wynn and the great George M. Though a slinky dress would make a grand entrance for the ultimate party girl, the look may not be for everybody. The small purse was crafted in plated ring mesh, roughly three inches square and featured a delicate twist closure and a simple leaf motif on the frame. Moms deserve the best. The trademark was renewed 3 times, last in Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here

The factory lent large sheets of aluminum mesh to be used as space dividers for a museum exhibition I curated. We had to return them when the show was over, but I still have the sample piece they gave me.

I turned it into a tunic and use it each year for my Halloween costume! I have a coin purse I think the model number is as it says inside.. I thank you in advance!

Maybe there are some vintage purse blogs that have the info you need. To Vicky…The number on the inside of your purse is the model number of the frame, not the purse.

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Frames were used on different purse bodies and some frames were used in more than one year. The date your purse was made cannot be determined by the frame model and there is no written record that still exists of when each purse design was introduced. However, purses can be dated by other means. For general dating information go to our website http: Certain purse designs can be more closely dated by matching them to ads that appeared in vintage magazines and catalogs. If you care to send photos to the email address found on our website we might be able to tell you the approximate date the purse was first introduced.

Here's a lovely mesh bag by Whiting Davis. In addition to the tag inside, the inside frame is embossed with the W & D logo plus the numeral The purse . Facts about mesh purses, Whiting & Davis, Mandalian handbags, cleaning and are the purses which are most desired and to date, they always have been.

Ditto, Ditto, Ditto, Ditto ten fold. I will hunt some of my vintage purses and see who made them. I have one purse that has scenes on it in many many tiny colored beads…. Although it is falling apart, it is still pretty. I was so happy to find your site thru looking at pictures of vintage bags — I inherited one from my sister — actually the one in your picture with the yellow dress. I used it for the first time today and saw the name and a number printed on the inside of the bag. Sherry, if you are still around maybe you can confirm this.

Two Whiting and Davis Mesh Bags, witness2fashion. The current Whiting and Davis purses are made in China and are nowhere near the quality of the old purses.

Dating mesh whiting and davis purse

Mara Pesacreta has been writing for over seven years. She has been published on various websites and currently attends the Polytechnic Institute of New York University. How to Identify an Original Coach.

How to Spot a Fake Desmo Bag. How to Identify Vintage Purses.

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Brought to you by LEAFtv. References Whiting and Davis. About the Author Mara Pesacreta has been writing for over seven years. Metal mesh and fashion have had a long history together - flappers and old-hollywood movie starlets carrying metal mesh pochettes on the crooks of their arms, disco era halter tops and the flashing lights of Studio 54, the '90s with the peak of Versace and the supermodel boom It's no secret that metal mesh is back again and in just about every It girl's wardrobe. The latest style icons, models, social media influencers We're relishing in all the glittering attention.

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And so will you. Though a slinky dress would make a grand entrance for the ultimate party girl, the look may not be for everybody. Sometimes a shot of glamour is just what's needed to perfect the outfit. And if a glimmer is all you need, then we've got the perfect accessory for you. For the latest styles, click here. On this day, one year after his transition to the afterworld, we remember the icon, the artist and the man. Known as a musical innovator, a multi-instrumentalist and singing abilities encompassing a wide vocal range, Prince's music continues to transcend us.

Here he is wearing vintage Versace metal mesh. A proven classic, it continues to inspire time and again. Still looking for the perfect gift? Last year, I attended seven weddings in the span of seven months. This year, I have another six on the schedule, and after spending paycheck after paycheck on flights, gifts, and bachelorette parties, I am Sliding Doors may be the chicest rom-com in existence. The plot goes something like this: She narrowly misses a Your shopping cart is empty.